Add a Contact/Subscriber
    • 14 Jan 2022
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    Add a Contact/Subscriber

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    Learn how to add a Contact below.

    Did you know?

    A Contact is also a Subscriber in yawave. Contacts/Subscribers are used to help you grow your audience and engagement. Send newsletters, sell products and services with Stripe integration and more. Read Import Contacts/Subscribers to add a list of Contacts/Subscribers.

    1. Click Contact/Contacts.


    1. Click Add Subscriber. Note: If you do not have any Contacts in yawave, click Add Contact.

    2. Required Setting: The Email field is one of two required settings. Enter the email address of the Contact or Subscriber you want to add to yawave in the Email field.

    3. Required Setting: Click the checkbox next to The contact to add allowed to use provided information for marketing purpose.


    1. Click Add.

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