How do I share a Publication?
    • 14 Jan 2022
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    How do I share a Publication?

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    Learn how to share a Publication below.

    Before You Start

    This article assumes you have created both a Share Tool and Publication already. If you haven't, follow the Create a Share Tool and Create a Publication instructions.

    The Quick Answer

    You'll need to add a Share Tool to the Publication you want to share.

    Steps Needed

    1. Click Publish/Publications.

    2. Click the three dot menu in the top right of the Publication you want to share.

    3. Click Edit.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Click Add Tool under Call To Action Settings.

    6. Click Share.

    7. Select the Share Tool you want to use from the Share Tool drop-down menu. If a Share Tool is not showing or the Share Tool you want to use is not showing, you need to Create a Share Tool.

    8. By default the Label field is use the word Share. This is what appears in the Publication. You should see the Share button added to your Publication on the left side of your screen. Note: This field has a 23 character limit.

    9. Select the color you want to use from the Button Color drop-down.

    10. For the Button Icon click the Button Icon drop-down to choose a default icon provided by yawave or click Upload to upload a custom icon. Note: JPG, PNG, SVG file formats are supported and the recommended size is 32x32 px.

    11. Leave the Visibility as default All or select who you want to see and use the Share Tool from the Visibility drop-down menu. Options include the following:

    • Manager
    • Logged-in User
    • Not logged-in User
    • Roles
    1. If you added this Share Tool by mistake, click Delete Tool or if you want to add more Tools, click Add Tool and configure the onscreen settings.

    2. Click Next.

    3. Click Save.

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